Natalia Dereń MMid

My name is Natalia and in 2013 I fulfilled my calling – I became a certified midwife. I feel best when cooperating with women in the delivery room. Now I am practising it at St. Wojciech’s Hospital in Gdansk – Zaspa. I consider the day of delivery the most important thing in a woman’s life and my main goal is to put knowledge and energy into making this moment as beautiful as possible.
After being frequently asked about antenatal classes in English, I realized that there are no such courses in the Tri-City, and the idea to organize them was born. The process of delivery is stressful for every woman. Language barrier, different culture and foreign standards intensify stress and, consequently, pain even more.
Classes will be based on the main issues related to childbirth, neonatal care and postpartum period. There will be no time limit for a given activity as each person is different. We want to create the most friendly atmosphere – looking at the watch does not help it. The framework of the program is specified below.

1. Delivery

  • symptoms of impending birth
  • four stages of physiological childbirth
  • positions during first and second stage
  • breathing during each phase
  • the role of the birth partner

2. Neonatal care - practical classes

  • carrying baby
  • nappy changing
  • bathing
  • dressing
  • transients in the development of a newborn

3. Postpartum

  • lactation
  • physiology of the female body
  • emotions (mostly baby blues vs depression)
  • the role of the family
  • breastfeeding positions – practice